Thursday, November 30, 2006

Geneva: The First Look

So the first real contact with Europe came when I smoothly exited through Geneva airport. The first sense activated was the sense of smell and I took in that gulp of mountain fresh air. I was travelling with a friend and it took us atleast 45 minutes to figure out our way to the Gare Carnovan (Main Station) from the airport. We had detailed instructions from the GIIS about how to make our way to the Gare Carnovan with maps and train/tram numbers and even fare. So we took a train and the getting the ticket from the automated machine took us a long time, maybe 10 minutes or so and with some help from an 'uncle' we did manage to take the short ride and arrive at our destination.

Very obviously as a third world citizen, I noticed the immaculate cleanliness, the organisation, the smoothness of services and the very quiet station, sometimes it felt eerie but well thats development for you.

So from the main station we were expected to walk it to the hotel or take a tram going towards Nations and get off at stop two. So we again tried to figure the ticket machine out and we were even more clueless, till my companion's brain wave put us in the tram but in the wrong direction. We managed to get off and lugged our way back to get the tram in the opposite direction. There was actually a Sardarji with his what I suppose newly wed wife on a honey moon who were also eyeing the ticketing machine. The Sardarji gave us a vulnerable smile and admitted that he had also just arrived and had no clue while his wife was stand offish in a, "I am pretty sort of way".

These pictures below are during the time when we were lugging our way back to catch the tram in the right direction.

I had this terrible urge to take as many pictures as I could on the road because they are so different from Indian roads and the colours and the sophisticated transport system...the trams, the buses....

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