Thursday, November 30, 2006

Geneva: Around Town

Geneva was special among the European towns I visited. Geneva was distinct for many reasons. That was the first place I saw, I was put up in a nice hotel and was there for a whole week. Also Switzerland being one of those really exclusive countries and the general prosperity was almost paradise for a gaping third world type. I walked a lot about the town, exploring the night zones, the clubs, the cabarets, talking to prostitutes waiting at corners, it was all so new for me. I watched my first topless cabaret, well it was my first cabaret anywhere. The really sunlight was the most amazing for me. I had a vague impression of the Medditteranean Yellow and it was so invigorating to just be there even if for just a few days. The last two pictures in this post was my last day in Geneva and I was suffering my bout of an acute 'morning after' sickness.

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