Thursday, December 21, 2006

Brussles V: Herge's gaon


satya said...


vikas said...

I AGREE WITH YOUR ILLUSIVE nature of pictures but i would beg to differ on certain accounts.According to Hindu /Buddhist philosophy our perception of the entire world is an illusion,it is what the mind sees and is what you see not what it is .A picture captures that illusion or one could say that the visual information you have laid down for us are the pictures of illusion.Pictures could be constant reminders of the illusive,deceptive and the dynamic nature of the material world we inhabit. (or are inhabited by??)
Regarding the dimensions,according to modern physics the fourth dimension is time.Pictures despite being lame of the third dimension,quite elegantly capture the fourth dimension ..and also successfully possess it to a certain(uncertain actually) extent..that certain unmeasurable extent being that particular moment itself when the picture was shot.
well that was my physical... and metaphysical understanding of pictures.