Sunday, December 3, 2006


Paris overwhelmed me. I was actively suffering. The previous days in Geneva, I was vainly asserting that in Paris, I would have a bottle of wine in one hand and a French chick on the other loafing through the cobbled Paris streets. Alas, life is not what we imagine or what we wish, life is what we make of it. So what did I make of it? I reached Paris about 1 pm by train from Geneva, an exorbitantly expensive ride, first class and reserved. As soon as I reached I took my onward ticket to Brussles for the next day. I had merely 24 hours in Paris. I ate at an 'Indian' resturant in La Chappele, largely a Sri Lankan Tamil area, where pictures of LTTE maniac Prabhakaran adorned their walls, the maps of Sri Lanka only showed the Tamil areas, I changed money and took the metro to Eiffel Tower. And then I crossed over to the Eiffel Tower side of the river Seine and walked till I crossed over to the Concorde Square in front of the Louvre and then reached Champs Elyesse and closed it with a picture outside Moulin Rouge, slept very well in a room with four people. The next morning I took found the Eurolines Bus stop in Galleni and made my way North to Brussles.

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